Batik Planters

Looking for a simple and easy project? Just stop by your local nursery or home store and pick up some inexpensive terra-cotta or plastic pots. Simply glue some wonderful Java Coral fabric on the pot–and presto–you have some seriously fashionable planters!

Check out the photos below–flowers not included -20140122untitledDSC03089 -20140122untitledDSC03094 -20140122untitledDSC03098

Uptown Blanco Textile Studio

In the course of our normal work as a fabric company, one of our great pleasures is to visit quilt shops across the country. We show our fabric and hope to get sales but we also get to spend time with the owners and staff and share in their passion and joy of teaching, quilting and running a fabric store.

Most of the shops across the country are located in normal shopping centers and it never ceases to amaze me how the store owners transform the cookie cutter shop into a warm and inviting sanctuary for crafting. Todays post is about a store that is a bit different and is blessed with a location and building that is something special!

The building was part of a complex built in the 1900′s and was used as a cafe and a place to show silent movies. The whole complex has been lovingly restored and now houses a restaurant, theatre, arts and textile center.



My good friend Andrea Meegan is running the shop and brings many years of experience as a quilter, teacher, pattern and fabric designer and is also just a super great person! You can see Andrea here speaking to Terri in the classroom setting, each cubbyhole showcases a class/project that the store offers.


Here is another view of the project wall.





Upon entering the store you are greeted by the high wall of fabric, complete with moving ladder like the old fashioned libraries.


You also have a nice sitting area complete with wood stove.



Look at the beautiful color wall!



High ceilings, original woodwork from the early 1900′s, restored to perfection-loads of fabric and notions!






Just an amazing store, just opened recently. If your travels take you to the Texas Hill Country, spend some time and visit this must see destination shop!



Flip Flops

The cold weather that has gripped the entire country does not seem to be going away. It is so depressing to be cooped up inside, as it is too cold and gloomy to get out and about.

Simple and easy project to the rescue. Just grab a pair of $1.00 flip flops and some scraps of our Java Coral collection and make some really neat sandals. Just imagine you are on the beach in Bali, sipping an exotic drink–the warm air and water beckons you..




Well, maybe you can’t fly 6000 miles to get there, but just wait for the warm weather here to take these sandals out for a spin!



Shibori Table Runner

I was cleaning up my office this cold and dreary Saturday afternoon and came across some projects that I had completely forgotten about in the rush to design new fabrics and quilt projects.


One of those projects was a very simple table runner, but even this simple block format shows the beauty of this fabric.


Shibori Table Runner

Fun With Pillows

Just having some fun with my Shibori and Java Coral collections.


These two are made with Java Coral and the white batik from Batik Blender

DSC02816 DSC02815



These two pillows are made from the Shibori collection and the White Batik Blender. Just look at the color variation in the Shibori, you have to actually tie the fabric the traditional Japanese way in order to get this effect and this color variation.


DSC02814 DSC02813


These 2 collections are so much fun to work with!

Snowman Quilt

I received another wonderful quilt from designer JoAnn Hoffmann. She is having so much fun with our batik cascade and batik blender fabrics! It just shows how versatile these fabrics are.


Is this too cute or what?




Many thanks to JoAnn Hoffman ( Kits and paper patterns will be available at Hill City Mercantile. This is a brand new design so it might take a few weeks to show up in their store.

Fun with Java Coral

Many thanks to Nancy Vasilchik for playing around with our new Java Coral Collection. She made up some really nice boxes out of the fabric, would look great on a desk, dresser or night table.

She also made up a lampshade that is is absolutely stunning.

Just goes to show that our fabrics can be used not only for quilts but for everyday craft projects!

DSC02779 DSC02782 DSC02783 DSC02784 DSC02786

Buffalo Circle Quilt

I was so excited to receive an e-mail from a pattern designer showing an amazing circle quilt made out of our Batik Cascade Fabric. I asked her if I could share it here on our blog, since this quilt clearly shows how versatile our fabrics are in showing tonal gradation that is necessary to produce this shaded effect.

Look at the amazing workmanship! Here is a photo of the whole circle and then some of the details within.

Many thanks to JoAnn Hoffman ( You can purchase an instant download of her pattern at Craftsy or purchase kits and paper patterns at Hill City Mercantile.