Master Dye Collection

Avlyn is very excited to announce the start of a series of master dyed fabrics, unlike anything else you have seen before. Most batik factories and hand dyers are unable to produce this type of effect, but after long research, we have found a way to produce these beautiful fabrics on a small production scale.


Illusion is the 1st in a series of master dye fabrics we plan on introducing for the quilt and craft market. Each fabric will be a panel of about 2 yards and 5 of them will be placed on a bolt or packaged individually.


Please take a quick peek–you will not believe how magical these fabrics are until you see them in person!


-20141003 Col 10404 -20141003 Col 10432 -20141003 Col 10435 -20141003 Col 10440 -20141003 Col 10444 -20141004 Col 10419 -20141004 Col 10426 -20141005 Col 10401



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